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Getting to Know You - March 18


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I didn't kill the person who almost side-swiped me and I REALLY wanted to. I was allowed to drive Mark's truck again (this AFTER the windshield was broken the first time I drove it) and this guy in a red car cut me off in traffic - by climbing into my lane when I couldn't get out of it fast enough. We shared the lane for a good 50 feet. Yep, I was kind, I didn't kill the stupid #$^%&!

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I walked the dog for a neighbor

that has cancer and is unable to go

out for another week, so I'll be

doing the walking for another week.

I enjoy the dog and the walks, so

perhaps she is the one doing something

nice for me.


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I didn't kill the person who almost side-swiped me and I REALLY wanted to

That cracked me up! Leave it to Becky!

I saw this post right after Ann put it up but couldn't think of a darn thing nice I had done for anyone in the past 24 hours. I had BEEN nice, but I didn't DO anything "particularly" or out-of-the-ordinary nice. I did take my sister and her boyfriend to dinner, but it was for selfish reasons (not in a negative way), so I can't count that.

Anyway, Ann, this post did make me more attuned to the fact that I need to think about doing something really, really nice for someone every single day.

Oh my gosh, I am still grinning. You know, Becky, much more of that and Ry really is going to go back to fines - only for you they will be REAL!! :lol::lol: I'm glad I came here and saw that because it made me laugh. I needed it!



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