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Meeting other LCSC Members


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What a wonderful day I had today. I had the pleasure of meeting two of the warmest women you could imagine. Denise (JDJenkins) and her Mother, along with her husband and two children were travelling thru Cincinnati en route to Florida and invited me to have lunch with them during their layover. I have to admit, the end of the week was very difficult for me and I really wasn't looking forward to spending Saturday rehashing all my grief and talking about lung cancer, but I was anxious to meet Denise as she had been so supportive during Bill's illness. What a pleasant surprise the day turned out to be. We found ourselves sharing a few tears and some great memories and all in all, I drove home feeling so much stronger and better than I had in weeks. Thank you Denise, and please thank your Mom for sharing so much wisdom and warmth. The pleasure was all mine. I wish I had thought to bring a camera. I guess we'll have to get some pictures when I head north for my trip to Mall of America :) .

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It's so wonderful to read this, Beth. And don't forget, you're going to get to meet me, too, when we get together for that lunch. The weather is definitely improving, so I think it's about time we got that on our calendars.

Way to go, Beth! It made my day to hear that you rebounded from your hurtful day with such a wonderful, rewarding experience.

Love you!


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DITTO what Katie said! :wink: I too had the pleasure of meeting Denise last September here at the Burnsville Mall Cancer Event. She is such a kind, caring, fun, and very attractive, classy lady. :wink:

I'm sure you had a wonderful time Beth. It's always so nice to meet our cyber friends.

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