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This looks really interesting. It seems to reverse tumor cells back to normal cells. IP6 is also called Inositol hexaphosphate or phytic acid

I am not sure why more research has not been done but for some reason money was not given to test how well this works. It might be worth a try.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... t=Abstract

http://www.lef.org/newshop/items/item00 ... ebProtProd

http://www.dreliaz.com/research/abstrac ... 21&abs=648

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Think whole wheat -whole grain bread - not so much the store bought kind, but the kind where you grind your own flour from wheat berries and bake your own -

I did a lot of reading up early on - thought all was well but here we go again - lymphnodes lit up on PET scan after 1 1/2 years past surgery -

so going back to the healthy things - water, water, water, broccoli sprouts, whole wheat bread, carrot juice, essiac tea, grapes ......pycnogenols, and a few other supplements -

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