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3 Years


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I am posting this here because it is good news, and I know it will give hope to many others.


He is proof that statistics are BULL! If he would have listened to statistics he would have given up and lived only 9 months as was prognosed. But, it has been 3 years and I am holding onto hope that there are 3 more, 30 more, 50 more...

I've held off posting this, as I was having a hard time feeling like celebrating today. Keith is feeling poorly from his chemo he received on Friday. He has sharp stomach pains and terrible constipation (he'd be mad at me if he knew I shared that with anyone :oops: ). Plus for the past 3-4 months he's had intermitant numbness in his arms which for the past couple of days has been constant. I am so easily frightened and brought low. But as I've thought on it all evening I realized 3 years is a victory. This is something to share not just for us, but for all those who need to know that LC is not a precise science with predetermined end dates.

Not much celebrating going on here, but I think I'm going to use this as an excuse to go to bed early and snuggle up close and share lots of kisses.

PS... I know it isn't LC related but I could use some prayers for Tuesday. I am going through embryo transfer procedure for IVF on Tuesday afternoon. I didn't have a great success with retrieval, so I could use all the prayers and luck for the few embryos I have to hold on TIGHT!

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Keith's 3 years is indeed an inspiration to others to keep on fighting... thank you for sharing that milestone. As for him feeling bad after his last chemo , I am so sorry. I hope you have medication that will make him feel better. Mike had terrible constipation with some of his chemos and usually found that milk of magnesia daily kept him straight. If he missed it , he was in agony.. Hope Keith feels better. Wishing you luck on your IVF... Prayers for everything going on in your life. Take care .



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Congratulations on your three years. I am so sorry that your husband is not feeling the best. I pray for the both and will continue to keep you in my prayers.

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Way to go Keith and Carleen! What a blessing for you both for the three year mark!. Thank you for encouraging and sharing. All the good news is wonderful for the whole lung cancer community. praying for your retrieval process also. pammie

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