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Clinic In Bahamas


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Not off of the top of my head. Do not thnk anyone here has tried it. Will do a little research and PM you if I find anything.

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I spoke with a woman who lives in CA who goes there for treatment. She has mesothelioma like I do and has been going to the clinic for a few years. She is on maintenance therapy and is very pleased with the treatment she has rec'd there. She is a 5+ year survivor of the disease. She meets up with 3 other woman who had been receiving treatment for their cancers at the same time as she was.

I've also spoken with the son of a woman (another meso patient) who went there but the treatments didn't help her. He did admit that his Mom's cancer was pretty advanced by the time they sought out this clinic. He did warn me that the Bahamian doctors that are required to be on staff by the Bahamian gov't are, in his words, idiots but that the doctor who runs the facility is wonderful and knows what he's doing.

I spoke with the medical director, Dr. Clement and he is a lovely man who was in absolutely no hurry when he called me and was more then happy to answer all my questions.

I am still considering this facility. The biggest problem I have with it is that you need to stay there for, I believe it's 3-12 weeks for the initial treatment and then fly back for maintenance (2 weeks every 4-6 months). The clinic has discounted rates with local apartments and hotels. Time shares are another way to go.

My surgeon in L.A. had a meso patient who went there who said he felt better after his treatment then he ever had in his life. Sadly his tests showed that his cancer had advanced despite his feeling so well. My surgeon observed that 12 weeks in the Bahamas would probably make ANYONE feel better then they have in a long time. :D

I think like any other treatment that there are people that see great results and others that are not helped at all. The cost of the treatments are not astronomical compared to what chemo costs but insurance will not cover any of it. The cost of having to live there is what tends to make it rather pricey for most people. We calculated it would run us apx. $20,000 for 12 weeks assuming mid-range accommodations. The treatment for me was going to cost around $9,000.

I highly recommend contacting the facility and speaking with Dr. Clement personally to judge for yourself whether it's suitable for you. I am going to try Tarceva first and see how I respond to that. If it doesn't work out then I will give very serious thought to at least trying this clinic.

Anyone who is interested in getting an excerpt from the Moss Report re: this facility please email or PM me and I'll send it to you.



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Randy, you mentioned you would PM any research you may come across. Could you please post it to the group so we all can benefit? If not, maybe you can copy me on the PM.

Thanks and take care,


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