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Mom started PCI


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Mom started PCI last week. One week down and two to go. She is experiencing some fatigue and that was expected. But she is also having some nausea. The doctor didnt say anything about that. What do you guys think? How long does it usually take for these side effects to go away after the treatments are over.



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Hi Rochelle, I wanted to respond to you about the effects of PCI. I was taking steroids to reduce the brain swelling.Which made me very hungry and full of energy in the beginning, but as the does lessend as it is suppose to . I would be very tired at times, also very nauses. I would have to make sure that I had crackers or something with me .It has been a year since I finished with PCI. I feel pretty good but there are still times when I get fatigued. And I think that PCI has effected my short term memory. But that could just be my aging. Any way I am thankfull that I had all of the treatments. So far I am cancer free. Tell your mom to hang in there, it will get better. I hope I have been a help . Take care Bev

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My mom is only a few weeks ahead of yours. She is experiencing much of the side effect listed. She is going to have a scope check the condition of her stomach and when I asked how normal this is, if it is normal at all I was told it is common. This is when we may start to see the side effects of the treatment itself. Hang in there. I am so sorry for you too. It really sucks to have this happen to our mom's. I will pray for your mom and your family. I will also pray for you. It is hard to be strong. We all understand that..... If I can help let me know. Some of the thing you will be going through, I might be able to help.

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