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Update on the Mysterious Evil Boob

cindi o'h

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I was all riled up and in my mind feathers were going to fly.

Somewhere something came flying into my head that I don't have to "do this" all by myself anymore.

I turned to my young and competent, Dr. Cash, my PCP.

I told him all that has been going on with me since Feb. 1. The pet/ct scan. Having to wait 3 weeks for the results. The ambiguous report. The perceived apathy from the onc.

Changing oncs. The cyberknife boards' recommendation to get a CT asap.

Finding a new onc.

Another higher resolution CT with contrast.

And this silly nurse that called me wanting to tell me about my boob.

She "read" the CT report over the phone to me.

Dr. Cash pulled up the report and printed it off to me. It was nothing like she read to me. She had picked and chosen 1/10th of what the report actually said. She said that there was no mention of the lymph node.

Well there was. It said that it appeared unchanged in size since the last CT in Nov.

Also, there is a new finding. My left lung now has it's first effusion. Cindi o'h is not too happy about this finding. I will have to think about this some more. I had an effusion that gave me plenty trouble on the Right side...

I told Dr. Cash that what had happened had left me feeling helpless and powerless and that is not how a lung cancer patient cares to feel. I was crying with the pouring out of emtions attached to my frustrating experiences. He was leaning in, good eye contact and empathy. He went to get the reports, he offered an outside read. He said he would help in any way that he could. He assured me that I was not alone and that anytime he is available to help.

May I clone him and offer him as Christmas gifts to all of you?

Took an ativan this weekend or two and calming down and forgetting about that crazy nurse.

Thanks for all your care and support.

Cindi o'h

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I have been away for a bit, just busy really, but not enough time to read, so I will have to go searching and find out about your "boob". But from what I have just read that nurse needs to be sent to the corner!!

I am so glad though thata you have found a wonderful doctor, they are so rare these days. Take care of yourself and keep us updated (i know you will).



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hang in there, cindi. it sounds like you reached out to the right person, and I trust you'll find an onc worthy of your beautiful presence - and who'll know how to handle that effusion, and everything else. I hate that you have been through so much baloney, but glad you're moving ahead, as always.



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what a relief to finally have someone else fighting along side you instead of against you. I just can't believe the incompetence and insensitivity of some health care "professionals" like that nurse. :roll:

Prayers that things will go smoother and better now that you have your PCP on your side.

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Cindi: I am very glad to hear that there is no change in your lymph node. Of course, another effuison will be no fun, but at least you know what to expect and what to do if it progresses. You can tell yoour PCP we all approve of him.

Don M

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I know you must feel better just being able to "get it all out". Thank goodness for your wonderful Dr. Cash. I hope the effusion doesn't turn out to be a big one and that it will resolve on its own.

Sounds like you need to open that bar of yours and have a party. We'll take a party on your terms. Pity party, laughing/crying party, fun party ...whatever you need at the moment. Just know we are all there with you.

Love you Cindi,


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Thanks all.

I called the new pulm. here on my own and talked "through" His nurse...(does anyone ever talk to a real doctor anymore?).

Anyway, I requested that he take a look at the CT scan and the effusion. I cannot afford anymore loss of lung function as I barely function as it is. He said he will see me after the sleep study I have scheduled for April 2 for a re-eval. of the effusion.

Hopefully, it will have resolved on its own and it will be a thing of the past.

Love you all too!

Cindi o'h

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