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Tomorrow would be our anniversary

Remembering Dave

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Yep, 13 years tomorrow Dave and I got married. I'll never forget that it was in the '60's and sunny so it was nice. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 38 with up to three inches of rain sleet and snow. that sounds appropriate.

I'm really not too upset about this, I mean, why miss Dave more tomorrow, I miss him a whole lot every day, but there is not a damn thing I can do about it. And the more emotional I get, the more insecure Faith gets, so I can't do that to her. So no indulging in a pity party for me!

Our anniversary seemed to always be a bomb anyway. I took Dave to the ER on our 10th anniversary where he was first diagnosed with SCLC.

It's probably even harder I suppose doing this without my mom. if she were still here, even if she was as sick as she was at the end, I know she'd send me a cheerful card in the mail telling me she was thinking about me on this day. She became an almost obsessive card sender in her last years which is pretty cool. She sure did leave a legacy of kindness . . .


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Just wanted you to know that I will be thinking about you tomorrow - I know it will be a hard day for you, even though most of them are hard anyways. Try to do something special for yourself - something that will bring back some happy memories of your years together. The pain of loss is so strong, but so are our happy memories. No one can take those away from you!! Take care!! :)

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Dear Karen,

I hope you got through today ok. I know you said it wasn't any different than missing him every other day, but I'm not so sure I believe you. If I were a betting person, I'm thinking today was a hard one for you, or you wouldn't even have come here and told us about it. I KNOW that our anniversary will be the hardest day for me every year.

I understand the cover up for Faith's sake. I do the same thing with my son and he's a great big grown up. In fact, it wasn't until Don died and I experienced this loss for myself that I ever even thought how much my dad must have been hurting after my mom died - he hid it from us kids. I always just assumed he was doing ok. Now that I'm hiding it from my son, I feel really bad knowing how my dad must have felt. I often wish that I would have talked to him about it more than I did. I just didn't know! We just do what we have to do for our kids, don't we?

I miss seeing you here, Karen. I hope you are well, enjoying your new home and getting through each day with some happy times.

Much love to you,


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Just seeing you post is special. Miss seeing David and Faith's pictures. Miss you very much. You and Faith need to have a quiet and peaceful dinner together. Exchange a rose and just tell each other how much you mean and love one another... Share the hugs and just say, this is our special day.

Please, come here often and let us know how you both are doing...

Have a good day!!!

Prayers and hugs,


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I saw your post on one I had done in sclc (Thank you-it was so nice of you). I have missed you. I so miss Dave. I know you and Faith miss him desperately. You mean so much to many of us.

I hate the ann. dates. You keep in touch when you feel like it.

Love and kisses-Cindy

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