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There was a thread in the LC Survivors forum originally started by Jamie about putting together a Bash for us all to meet in person.

Would anyone be interested in an "official" LCSC reunion?

It has been suggested that I put this together in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area this summer. I'm thinking the end of June or beginning of July. I know that perhaps 5-6 members are relatively close and can attend, but want to get a head count for whomever else thinks they might make this trip. We are 5 minutes from DFW International Airport.

Also, this isn't planned yet at all nor is the decision set in stone for it to be here, so any suggestions such as those in the original LC Survivors thread are welcome.

Give us your thoughts for this and lets make it happen.

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Katie, you can count me in! I grew up in Dallas and my family still lives there. I try to get there every few months anyway. Matter of fact, I've been meaning to try and arrange to meet you and Rick on one of my jaunts but never seem to get organized enough to do it!

Would be wonderful to meet others too.


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I love this idea of Jamies for us all to try to get together.

There are some other locations being talked about now as well.

I would like to ask everyone their opinions on where they think they's like to meet.

Nancy, the weather here is warm in June but not horrible like it is in late July/August here in TX.

Lynne, give us a call anytime your in this area, ALWAYS love to meet LCSC members!

I know that Minnesota is being talked about as well as a location for a LCSC Bash.

Everyone chime in here and let me know. If we get split opinions we can always plan more than one!

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Well from one end of the US to the other. I will toss out and offer to have it in Minnesota the third weekend in June.

We have the Mall of Amercia, and we have Back to the 50's Car Show with over 10,000 Street rods from all over the US here that weekend. We could start it on Thursday, site see or what have you on Friday, and have the Lung cancer bash on Saturday and everyone head home on Sunday. Everyone would pitch in with cooking for the bash on Saturday. Have an outdoor BBQ. I can have it at our home. I have more then enough room.

I am looking into getting some help from friends and neighbors right now. PLUS I will extend this offer to all my Lung Cancer Support Group members here in Minnesota. I am asking them right now if they will lend me a helping hand to pull this off.

I should know if this is a go by the end of the week, but I just wanted to extend an offer to Minnesota, if Texas doesn't work out.

We have hotels, motels and hopefully a place to park travel trailers & motor homes near by. We could pick people up at the airport as well.

Just extending the idea for now. What do you think?

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While we're selling our locations...Here in Beerfield we have the annual testical festival :D. Yep a nut fry and we double our 500 person population that weekend every year.

I'd love to meet up with you guys and I agree, if Jamie is behind the organization of the event, it will happen! Just tell me where and when, we'll try to make it!

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You can put me down for Texas. Mom tends to get nervous if I go to far away from her, I think she could handle a day in Dallas, but a few days on a road trip would do her in, I'm afraid. Heck who knows maybe i could get her to come, now that would make my day!! Sounds great Katie/


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I would love to attend, but I don't think I would be able to. I'm not comfortable leaving my teenagers home alone when I'm that far away.

Of course if you all wanted to come to Manhattan, that would be great!!!!! :lol: Central Park is beautiful in the summer!!!!!

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Alisa...get my room ready, I've never been to New York and I could use a little...no wait...a LOT of retail therapy. I hear there are a few places to shop in New York!

But in all seriousness, I love to travel and have SkyMiles that I'm always forfeiting, so count me in on a few of these parties...anywhere!

Did I mention that I love the Smokies too Tina?

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