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Antibiotics or No?


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Just thinking about Pam's post. Everytime I catch a cold or flu, my family doctor is very reluctant to give me antibiotics. He usuallys says it's viral and I need to "tough it out" just like everyone else. He's sort of anti-antibiotics.

On the other hand, my pulm doc says if I feel it going into my lungs, then I should be on antibiotics right away.

What do your docs do or say when you get cold or flu? Thanks. Barb

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Our PCP gives John antibiotics right away for anything in the lungs (and he is also against them unless its an infection, I have to beg for an antibiotic). John has part of his lung collapsed so our doc realizes that things could turn into an infection or pneumonia real quick. He's much more liberal with giving them to John.

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