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Just got a prelimanary dx - lllb? - more appts to go


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Just met with thoracic VAT surgeon Dr. Robert Caccavale & he really pored over the scans, reports, etc. with us..This was the first time I really saw what was going on..We were extremely impressed with his directness & concern along with the facilities & his "professional report card", etc..

The 2 masses in the left lung are what he described as 3B - he also mentioned something about 4T or T4 but it went right over my head..Does anyone know what this means? The larger mass in lower lobe seems to be tangled up with a bronchial tube..He is recommending a "needle biopsy" asap..

I've been referred to an oncologist (Dr. Robert Fein)who works very closely with this doc & I will see him this Wed..we then determine what the game plan is: VAT surgery or other treatment options..

Am I moving along properly with this?

After the lousy experience with my coronary bypass, I will endeaver to try to get the best medical professionals, procedures, equipment, etc..

Thank you for any guidance & support..

God Bless You..Tom

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Good going Tom!

Sounds like you have made your picks for your "health care team"! Once you have the needle biopsy and meet with the oncologist you will have the possible game plans! I know this waiting time is challenging but you are doing a great job getting timely appointments! Keep up the good work!


Pam in FL

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I am not sure why they are doing the needle biopsy. They have already staged it. Maybe they want to confirm the diagnosis with physical evidence. It might aid in the choice of chemo treatment, but I am not sure. Needle bipsies are often time inconclusive because they don't get a good sample and they are reluctant to keep poking the needle into your lung. There is a remote risk of seeding the cancer into your chest wall as the sample is extracted from your tumor. There is a possibility that your lung will collaspe when the needle is extracted, but this is not too big of a deal. they will be prepared for it. They will insert a chest tube. I have had 2 FNAs in the past and I had a collasped lung each time. It was more of an incovnenience than anything else. They wanted to keep me in the hospital overnight, but I declined. I told then that I would go to the ER room at the local hospital the next day to have the tube extracted from my chest.

Don M

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Glad for you that surgeon knows how to do a VAT. If you are able to get that type of surgery , you have less pain and get back to normal quicker. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Hi Tom, Yes, you are lucky you get a VAT. I think Don has a good question as to why the needle biospy, wondering why they want to do a needle biopsy too. Maybe with VAt they need to know exactly what's what before they go in.

Sounds like you are in good hand. Hang in there Tom, this part is the hardest. Barb

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