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Missed all of you too much!


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Ry let me have the 'big long nap' hall pass a while back so I could regroup a little. I think I am 'regrouped' now and I really missed all of you!

I'm a little rusty on everyone's comings and goings, but will try to get caught up.

My Dad passed away on March 3rd. He was a very good and honorable man. I miss him. Jim will be gone a year on March 31st. I'm visiting a monastery that week-end for some quiet reflection. Always searching for that personal peace, you know. Jim would be having a good chuckle with this.

Again, I've missed you. I offer my warmest thanks to those that have reached out to make sure I was okay.

You are truly a part of my family and that warms my big, fatty heart.



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I was pretty sorry to see that hall pass!! I am happy that you have changed your mind.

Not a good thing to lose your Dad. This is a tough month for you. I hope that you will gain some serenity at the Monestary.

Please stay in good touch!

I was telling Geri about you and what a fun little critter you are!

Cindi o'h

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So very sorry to hear about your dad, Lynne. You have really had your share of sorrow. I'm just so very sorry.

I have missed you and am very glad you're back with us!!!

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Dear Lynne,

We already talked, but I forgot to tell you that I saved all those warm, fluffy towels you cybermailed to me a while back. I'm sending them right back to you! They're a little worn now, but they are still warm and fluffy and will fit in your suitcase.

Love you!


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