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Scan results and a question.

Ellen B.

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Henk had his scans on 10/03 and visited the pulmonologist today.

GOOD NEWS! He's had considerable shrinkage. She (the pulmonologist) was still seeing 'something' on the scans but she can't tell what it is. Could be active tumor or dead tumor or scar tissue. The growth on the vertebrae is gone.

The appointment with the radiologist is next Friday. Will he be able to tell us more? I don't know.

Is it possible to see what the 'something' on the scans is? Is it possible to see if tumor is dead without surgery?

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I also had a pancoast tumor, chemo and radiation. When I next had surgery I asked "well did you find out for sure if it was Adenocarcinoma or Squamous" figuring the pathologist who got the "mass" would have found out and they answered "no, it was all just dead tissue". Dead tissue is good when you had cancer!

Donna G

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Hi Ellen, it sounds like maybe Henk has entered the "wait and see" zone like so many of us. The radiation creates much scar tissue, plus it can keep on growing/changing shape even after radiation treatments stop. I wonder how the radiologist knows when to stop treatments?

The spot on vert. is gone plus they saw nothing new elsewhere. That is a great report! :) Barb

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Hi Ellen!

You and Henk will have to stop by the pub for a celebration drink!

They told me the same thing as they told your Henk after my treatment. In fact, even today, there is something there that lingers and changes shapes and all that they now consider scar tissue where the tumors used to be. How 'bout that?

They won't biopsy. The tissue is too fragile and will not heal.

See you at the pub real soon!


Cindi o'h

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Henk visited the radiologist today.

The radiologist thinks that the tumor is dead (I don't know why he thinks that). He advised: no surgery.

The tumor has damaged the vertebrae (we knew that already) but the radiologist thinks that the body itself is repairing this damage! I didn't know that this was possible.

Cindi, is the pub open?


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