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jcawork donations i hope you got some can you tell me


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Well hello everyone this is Jenny sister and I was wondering if in her name if any money was donated this site as i hope it was and how much did it raise.

Well it was a month ago yesterday and I want to keep up with the site as i know Jenny would have wanted me to do.

I know she misses you guys alot and i know she wishes she could be at home have a glass of wine and tell me a million family stories I miss her so much some days I can't even bare it.

Well if you guys could let me know it would be wonderful and I will think of you all


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Hi Penny,

I know your heart is broken. We miss Jen, too. In time you will be able to smile and really enjoy those wonderful memories you had with Jen and sharing family stories.

If you don't know how to write to Katie, just go to your mailbox, Select New Post, type KatieB in username, type a subject and your message, then select submit.

Sending you love and hugs,


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