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New Game....The Person Below Me


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OK...this will be fun. I will describe something about someone. If the description fits you, post below my post and say this describes you. Then, post something for someone else to post below you.


I would post..."This person has blonde hair."

Then...someone with blonde hair would reply. "I have blonde hair." Then, they would give a description for someone to reply to...etc.

OK...let's get going.

This person loves to fish.

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Err, maybe that was your coworker :wink: ? I had a Subway steak sandwich with chipotle sauce( I think it had garlic in it ?) It was yummy though.

The person below me has yet to file their taxes...

(Don't sweat it, we still have 3 more weeks, love your posts Ann!)

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Me, Me!! I love 4 wheelers!

I dream of getting rich, buying a pick up truck to pull a flat bed trailer that will load my 4 wheeler. Then in the winter, I can pull my fish house with my 4 wheeler anywhere on the ice I want to go! I think they are wonderful for an oxygen compromised lady.

The person below me didn't miss the last two episodes of Boston Legal and it willing to do a total catch up with me. The last episode I saw was Schmidt's artful teenage display.

Cindi o'h

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ME....ME....ME....I have a hot date!!! At my age, almost anything qualifies as a "hot" date. Dick and I are going to dinner and then seeing Larry the Cable Guy - Health Inspector at the movies. Larry just cracks me up! I would definitely have to say he is my favorite stand up comedian right now!

Now....the person below me is cooking something very good for dinner.

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Traded in My 99 Ford Ranger XLT For a Scion XB last month. Tht was my last Anniversary Gift From Deb. Color Is Black Forest cherry Her fave cake.

Person Below loves Country music.

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