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New Game....The Person Below Me


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Now, I had to go look up exactly what Sudoku was....and well, I am now hooked on it! I love puzzles like that!

The person below me is an avid backyard rose grower.

('cause when I find out who you are I am coming after you with questions this year...mine don't look too swift right now....he he)

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I'm not avid - YET. I have six bushes to plant this year and four from last year. My grandfather had a beautiful rose garden and I'd LOVE to have a bench out amongst the roses to sit and just BE.

The person below me hates to step in water when in their sock-feet.

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My style is whatever I find In the dark in my closet. Tricky with all late wives clothes in there now.

the person below me likes to play the AIR GUITAR Or DRUMS!

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OK...I love opera and played in a classical band all through high school and college. I wish I had the opportunity to see more opera.

The person below me has a tattoo.

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I love NASCAR. Sunday afternoons are official Race Days at my house. And...I love Kyle Petty...even though he never wins. I think what he has done for Victory Junction Camp is truly wonderful.

The person below me just got a haircut.

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Tonight we're going to dinner with some old friends we haven't seen for years even though we all live in the same town. Saturday we are taking dinner to my friend that had twin baby girls in February. I can't wait to see them.

The person below me loves kids.

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