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Update on Tim- need your input....


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Tim finished his radiation treatment for the Brain Mets this past Tuesday. Dr. E feels it worked (we have follow-up with Rad Onc in 30 days) and she took him off the decadron. Everything seemed fine...for one day.

Then Tim is having pain in his left chest and rib area. His gained 10 lbs in one week on the decadron (ate me out of house and home) and he gained it all in his stomach. But he had to start taking his percocet again and he has a hard time lying down...he says it feels better sitting up and when he coughs it hurts (ribs).

He isn't couging alot, but I am keeping an eye on him because he is on Iressa.

If it's not one thing it's another...all I am praying for is a stretch of time where he feels ok. Dr. E gave him the month off= we go on vacation on Sept 13th and we do not have to see her until then.

Could coming off the decadron have any weird effects ( It was an awful drug to be on)


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