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Father in Laws Fight is Over


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I have not posted much here, in part my father in law was not willing to share his status of his cancer.

My James Lang Sr. passed away with all of his children and family at his side at home 2 weeks ago. He got home to start home hospice and 3 days later he passed away.

We were able to "care" for him in the hospital, nursing home and then finally his home. Every spare min was spent with him, and now we relaize how important and a blessing that was.

The "end" was hard and a fight. He said he changed his mind and was not going to die then a few moments passed and he suddenly announced that his mother was there and he was gone.

For those last few days he was asking for God to come and get him and his son whom passed away many many years ago.

We did not know at the time of his DX that it was stage 4 and spread to his bones, spine, brain, liver and other places.

Up till that last 3 days he refused to even mention his condition, but thanks to this site and all the reading I did, I tried to help and prepare my Husband, we inserted ourselves into his life and spent as much time as possible with him, and for that we are truely grateful.

Karen and Rich

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Karen & Rich I am so sorry for your loss. It is wonderful that he was able to have his family around him and all the love and support you and your husband have given him in caring for him to the end.

I pray that God bring you comfort during your mourning and bless you with love and warm memories to ease your pain.

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Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words. They mean so much to the whole family. So much of you have faced so many more challenges of cancer then what my Father in Law faced and your compassion is a blessing.

My own father died suddenly when I was 13 years old and we had a hole in our daily lives that grew into a lot of despair and grief.

When my father in law died that same hole was there, but there were hands reaching across and clasping to one another and filled with love.

Michele, my father in law knew everything right to the end, he was fully aware. This gave him the chance of talking to each of his family members. The hospice nurse was able to predict the time remaining so phone calls were made and all that wanted to be there were there. During his final journey home we held hands and prayed the Lord’s Prayer.

Peggy, I never prayed so much in my life, and I hope I never stop. There are gifts during such hardships and we as a family want to hold on tight to what we were given. All out lives were changed and for the good.

We miss him so.

p.s. Most of the family has come down with flu and sickness, we think maybe we were sustained during the hospice and now that it’s over the let down is the reason why we are all sick?

Another thing, the family has been so used to rushing to the hospital, doctors appointments and such. Now its quiet, it’s odd and I guess it will go back to normal?


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