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Getting to Know You - March 22


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Share some words of wisdom on ANY subject (not necessarily lc).Try things like loving others, being patient, etc. Something clear and definite that somebody can use. Examples:

Don't buy pointed cabinet handles. They ALWAYS catch on your clothes and tear them or cause you to bounce backward like a rubber band. Buy handles with rounded edges or knobs instead.

If you had an argument with your husband and he went to sleep like it didn't even bother him, be sure your feet are ice cold when you go to bed and zap him on his legs with your cold feet. PAYBACK TIME!!!

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Ok, here's another silly one, but it can turn a "sometimes" annoying thing into a fun thing.

If your hubby or wife have constant control of the remote and they are a channel flipper (which drives you crazy), instead of fighting about it, here's the "wise" thing to do:

Go to WalMart, buy an inexpensive universal remote control (just be sure your TV brand will work with it), take it home, and set it up according to the directions to work with your TV. When he/she starts flipping channels, just flip it right back with your own new "concealed" remote control.

Once he/she figures out what you're doing, I guarantee a good laugh. (Been there - done that!)


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Don't warm a can of anything over a campfire without poking holes in the can first. If you manage to punch holes and warm up your can o' chow, don't grab it with a bare hand...

Never assume the last person to use the toilet has put the seat down when you are heading to the bathroom in the wee morning hours.

Don't get toothpaste in your eyes - it hurts.

Never tell jokes to a teenage boy who's drinking a glass of milk unless you are out of spit range. Same for a man drinking coffee... Not that I tell jokes and have been able to slip in a few "gotcha"s!

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...and to go with Peggy's:

Keep a stash of dead batteries. If there's a show you especially want to watch one night, replace the batteries in the remote with the dead ones - odds are, the offender won't get up to change channels NOR replace the batteries.

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