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Welcome Barbara. I am sorry you had the need to find the board but know that you will find plenty of love, support and comfort here. I do agree with the others re scheduling treatment to start just as soon as possible. Best thoughts and prayers to you and your family,


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Just wanted to thank you for all your words of wisdom and comfort, what a great group of people. The oncologist was a great DR., spent over an hour with us answering all ? and explaining everything in great detail. I thought my tumor was only around 3cm. but it is 5cm. He said we have to begin a very aggresive treatment. I go see another Dr. on April 4 to get a PAC put in and still have to make an appt. at Mary Bird Perkins cancer center with the Dr. there. I truely felt uplifted my the outpouring of concern and understanding and sympathy I felt from this group. He did say that by the time we get everything lined up it will be after the 15th when my son's wedding is , in fact I have an appt. with him the following Mon. to get the ball rolling. He did say that if the chemo and radiation shrunk the tumor enough surgery may be an option at some point, so I found that encouraging. He did even mention a possible long term remission with the chemo and radiation and did use the word cure once. Cancer is just such a scarey thing but I realize it is not the immediate death sentence it once was. He is concerned about my autoimmune illnesses as that will probally make me even more fatigued but we shall get to that problem if and when it arises. I know my time here is not up yet, I just feel it in my heart of hearts, I want grandchildren so badly and am going to have to wait at least a few years and then of course have to spoil them rotten. I can not thank you enough, I read some of the posts before going to bed last night and it really changed my outlook a lot. You never want to feel like you are facing something like this alone and to hear so many wonderful stories and get such great advice was a blessing. Thank you all once again, Gentle Hugs Barbara

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Hi Barabara, sorry I some how missed your post yesterday. I also want to welcome you.

I had chemo and radiation first, then was able to have surgery. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Hi there, Barbara,

Boy, what a story you have!!!! I just want to offer a suggestion........I was also deemed inoperable. I would say that a second opinion on that is in order. That is ALWAYS my strong recommendation. It cannot hurt to see what another doctor has to say about your options. I found that different docs have different views.

Glad to get to 'meet' you, Barbara. Things must be getting very exciting as April 15 approaches. My anniversary is April 16. You know, according to the first docs I met with, I was not to be around to see my anniversary LAST year..............and here I am THIS year and doing very well.


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