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Reporter Coming Tomorrow UPDATED - TV INTERVIEW, TOO


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Underfunding, Lack of research based on low survival rates, Increase in death among women and decrease in men. Non smoking also a large factor, not just smoking, Misuse of Tobacco settlement money. Need toraise awareness and funds for this disease. Just my Random early morning thoughts. GOOD LUCK AND You Will do great.

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We are real people. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, doctors, nurses, teachers, veterans, etc. At least 1/2 of the people diagnosed do not smoke. Many never smoked. No one "deserves cancer."

Also all of the above noted by Randy.

Donna G

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The NBC local affiliate called me this afternoon and wants to interview me (us) Sat. morning. Wow! Scary! I said I would do it...I'm very shy :oops: ...Really. Hope I can keep my knees from knocking together and keep focused for the cause. Prayers are appreciated. WE (YOU) CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

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You'll do great....others gave great ideas and I don't really have anything to add to that; when in doubt, just tell your story, from your perspective.....you will naturally bring out many issues that the public should know out of your own experiences and you won't tend to draw a blank on that stuff if/when the jitters get going.

Can't wait to read the article.

Hugs, Linda

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This is GREAT TINA! WOW, I'm sure you'll do great!

As Ginny said, it's important to you, but I want you to know it's also important to ME, because everyone who speaks out on behalf of lung cancer, makes a difference for all of us! THANK YOU! And GO GET 'EM!

Can't wait to see the article. We need MORE people like you to SPEAK OUT and Help bring Awareness to Lung Cancer Issues!

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oh newscameras! Fun!

get your hair done up purdy! And a new shade of lucious lipstick. Charlie gets a new doo too.

speak from your heart, Tina. You will do fine. You have a lofty experience to speak from. Did they tell you what angles of lc they want to hear about? There are so many!

Treatments available.

Charlie's tenacity (and yours)

Never giving up (you two rock)

Vanderbilt and their commitment to you

Always keeping your eyes peeled for something on the horizon.

Yes, activism.

Your support system.

And least we forget the golden caddies?

Go get 'em , Tina!

You too, CharlieTuna!

love, Cindi o'h

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