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Update on Jim

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This message is also posted on NSCLC forum. On Monday Jim went in for progress check re. Tarceva. While there they said he was dehydrated and sodium, postassium, RC and WC were low so they wanted to admit him to be "beefed up" - in process of transfer to ER he had an acute resp. distress attack. 7 hrs in ER and they wanted to intubate him right there... we said no way!! Then went to a room on meds and oxygen, blood thinners in event of clot, and antibiotics in case of pneumonia. Then they decided to transfer to ICU. Turns out he does have pneumonia. On nebulizers almost constantly for wheezing. Was "out cold" most of yesterday due to morphine. He is on a bi-pap mask to help with breathing. Four of our 5 kids are here every day and all being supportive but in tears most of the time. We really thought we were losing him yesterday and we had to make a decision on DNA order which was awful but we didn't want to hurt him any more if there was little chance of benefit. But good news is he is doing better this a.m. Breathing improved since yesterday; more alert and making eye contact, even gesturing and making faces at nurses, and very frustrated that he can't make himself understood. Yesterday he was using a clipboard to write notes, but today the meds are making his hands 'shaky' and we can't read what he writes. Then he gets upset and his heart rate goes up. He is the strongest man I know and keeps fighting. His favorite movie is "Unsinkable Molly Brown" when she says "I ain't down yet... my eyes are still blinkin'!" Keep all the prayers coming! Sandy

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