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Introduction, here is my story!

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Okay as you all know I am new to this board. I am not sure where I should post this questions but since you all were so quick to respond last time, I thought I would give it a shot.

Throughout this past weekend my dad had extreme pain down one of his legs. He is currently having spot radition on this particular tumor that they believe is compressing a nerve. Well the pain was becoming worse and worse throughout the weekend. Monday morning he woke up and could not walk. He says he could not drag his leg, hang his leg, etc. Just extreme pain (brought him to tears, which rarely happens) even though he is on high doses of morphine. So my mom called his Oncologist office, they said to get him to the Dr. (30 miles away) by ambulance. So we had this done, had a MRI done (by the way his oncologist is in Vietnam on a missions trip) and was kept overnight. They got the results of the MRI and said that the tumor was inflamed, keep doing radiation and here is a wheelchair so you can get around.

My parents excepted this and went home. I guess my question is if this seems right to everyone? It seems to be like the General Dr. he say would consult with his Oncologist (or some oncologist) before making this decision. I have been begging mom and dad to get another opionion but they will not here of it! They think this Dr. walks on water!

Any thoughts on this would be great to hear!



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