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My mom is my best friend , I know exactly what you are going through and how you feel. Mom was diagnosed in October of this year after 6 weeks of tests for back pain which was diagnosed as arthritis.My whole world came crashing down. Life as I knew it was no more. Everything changed for myself and my family. I moved mom into my house in September and she has been with me since. My entire life is devoted to taking care of her.I lost my dad 13 years ago at the age of 58 and I truely wish he were here to help with mom.Mom has been diagnosed with stage iv non small cell lung cancer with mets to sacral area.She has undergone 15 radiation treatments to spine and 36 to chest wall in conjunction with chemo. She is now on second round of chemo which is Taxotere/ Carboplatin. She was on Taxol but she developed pain and burning in her feet. She has had only one dose of the taxotere and her feet are a little improved.Please feel free to e mail me as I need the support as much as you do. I pray everyday that stage iv isn't a death sentence for my mom, as statistics don't look to good for survival. If it wasn't for the support in this room. I wouldn't have believed that there was a chance mom could make it. I only wish I could talk to someone with a stage iv daignosis so I can compare treatment. I want to make sure I am giving my mom every chance for a long life.( How do you put all that info under your posts? ).


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