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Guest chickaroonie

We just received our mom's dx last wk. stage 3 NSCLC. She is almost 84, non smoker, but had workplace exposure to diesel exhaust. She has had 2 thorcentesis & tomorrow must do the procedure at the hospital since they need to drain the fissure while using an ultrasound for complete accuracy.She will have once a wk taxol treatment. We are all just at the beginning stages of processing what this means- she has been rather healthy for most of her life. Dad has countless health issues, but at this time,we find his health in maintenance mode at age 86. Mom has finally agreed to an antianxiety pill that she's really needed for yrs.Dr. has advised lots of water, 2 short daily naps, lots of carbs.My sister sleeps in the guest room with mom. The live in caregiver sleeps in a single bed in the MBR with Dad.I am very grateful to have found this website & appreciate all support. [/b]

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Hi and welcome here.

Sorry you had to find us but you have found the best support group and very knowledegable. If you have any questions please ask. There is always people here who can give you answers.

Keep us posted on your moms progress.


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My Dad was diagnosed with stage IIIb lung cancer 5 1/2 years ago at age 76. He's had ups and downs along the way but far more "ups" then "downs". Make sure your mom has a good set of doctors; that is so important. But just because she's "elderly" doesn't mean that there's no hope. It sounds like your family is "there" for her and that's so important too.

I'll keep your mom, dad and family in my thoughts and prayers.

gail p-m

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Hey Chick,

Welcome, I am sorry you find yourself in need of a site like ours.

The beginning of this road is so scary and difficult. But you don't need to walk it alone, please lean on us and let us help you with any questions you may have or any emotions you feel like venting. Whatever it is, we understand and we are here for you. Chances are whatever you are going through someone here will have experiences with it, or can help.

It does sound like you have great family support, and live-in care support so I pray that with all that patient advocacy going on your mom will get the best and most aggressive treatment available.

I will be saying prayers for you mom, and your dad, and even through in some prayers for strength for you and your sister.

Take care, and please come back and update us on how you all are doing.

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