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Not so good news


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I was planning on going to Omaha to see mother on the 29th and moved it to the 26th instead. The doctor called this morning and said I should fly today or tomorrow. I'm going today. My dad and I have a 6 am appointment with the doc tomorrow to discuss next steps and hospice care. He said there's a beautiful facility with a private room where my dad can stay with her and she can have her kitty with her. All in all, it sucks, but it would be nice if she could be with BooBoo (the kitty, who outranks me in the family) and my dad.

Prayers to all of you and thank you for all of your help and support in the past.


Mother Stage IV NSCLC, mets to lymph and brain

15 days whole-head radiation

2 rounds carbo/taxol

Diagnosed June 17, 2003

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I am so sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds as though she will have good care through hospice. I am glad to know that she will be surrounded by those that she loves. I would want my pets with me too, because they are part of the family. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless.


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I hope your mom can find comfort. Eventhough things seem grim, there is always hope. There is hope that she can get better by alternative treatments and such. Still, hospice is not an automatic death sentence. My dad enjoyed 2 months of good quality time while in hospice and overall survived 3 and a half months. Enjoy the time you have with your mother, you will cherish it forever.

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Thank you all so much. You are always also in my thoughts and prayers; no one deserves to go through this.

Mom and I had a good talk and she's in the right place mentally, I think. At the hospice here, they stop giving IV fluids/nutrition once you are admitted. They don't withhold food; she can eat and drink whatever she wants. She knows that once she goes to hospice one of two things will happen. She said that now it's between her and God, and that if God wishes to take her, she won't want to eat. But if God wants her to stay here and fight logner, she will get her appetite back and want to eat and drink. Rayroy, you're right, I know; the radiologist said that some people actually turn around in hospice care and that he is willing to try radiation on the tumor in her lung if she gains strength and eats.

One kind of funny/cute thing she did yesterday is this: day before yesterday, she was pretty at peace with things (see above). Yesterday, she had a while where she was absolutely NOT ready to accept that she may die from this. Anyway, she was talking about not being ready and asking why God would do this to her, etc. I told her that I didn't know but that I could not have asked for a better mom and told her what a strong beautiful person she is. Now, for over a week, she has not been able to sit up by herself. However, when I said this, she sat bolt upright in bed, glared at me, and said "That's the crap you say to people who are dying, and it's not over yet, so don't be trying to bury me!" That may not sound cute/funny to you, but believe me, it was. It made me smile, because she's still fighting, she's still feisty, and (if nothing else), she sat up!

At any rate, we haven't written her off, but our family motto has always been "plan for the worst, pray for the best." And that's kind of what we're doing. It's like a balancing act and frankly, it really sucks.

Thanks again to all of you. Take care, God bless you all.


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