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Meeting with surgeon this Monday 3-27-06


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hi Tom. listen, my mom could not have the post op chemo they intended for her,either, because she had so many complications - and she's doing great now. hopefully, they can find some options for you. hang in there, and know that we're hear praying and cheering you along!



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Hi Tom, glad you have a plan in place. Six years ago I had an upper left lobectomy and not quite two years ago, a wedge resection of the remaining lower left lobe. At present, my lung function is at 98% and I don't have any sob at all. The surgery is not easy but is certainly doable.

Let us know what we can do to help.


Nancy B

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I had a lower left lobectomy 5 years ago. The pain medication works wonderful, and within 3 weeks I was off all of it, so don't try to be a hero and go without.

2 months post op I was on vacation at the Jersey shore, a month later flew to San Antonio, in July, for another vacation, and in August walked all around Niagra Falls and Toronto.

My mental state was my worst enemy, but a very good therapist helped that.


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