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Yep, this is maple syrup country alright......it's being made right now.... but at heart I am a Texan who just happens to be living up here in the frozen north!

With a 40' fifth wheel (we have a 31') you should venture up an visit your family and stop by to see us.


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Yeah, Wish we could. My hubby still works. Trying to figure out how to get him to an early retirement. Maybe in a year or two... :D

Our 5th wheel is a Teton too, so would be nice and warm. Are you close to the cities I named? Never been to that part of that country. :)

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Texas gets my vote. Not sure how far i could travel if it were out of state, cuz i dont have a new reliable car nor the funds to fly, but will do my bestest to make it whereever it ends up.

My one thought here is that to my knowledge Katie came up with this idea, this is her baby (the web site) here, and I would think she should be the host if she so wishes, BUT i could be feeling a bit one sided since im only 2 hours from Katie!!!

I just want it to all work out where somehow we can all go.



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