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It would be difficult for me to get anywhere except NY (or Boston) -- and perhaps impossible for me to persuade the old curmudgeon to go even there, but I sure would try (Len LOVES parties once he's there, and he can be the very life of one, but you'd think you were pulling teeth when it comes to getting him to agree to go to something, even when he knows everybody and feels perfectly comfortable with them -- with "strangers" -- I KNOW you guys aren't strangers, but that's how he would se it -- it's ten times more difficult)!

Would love to see it in NY because I'd have a fighting chance of getting there. But since it's a long shot that I can persuade Len to do anything like this, decisions should not be made based on what would work for me....


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I've never been to New York and I have been looking for a reason to go there.

I'm a great fan of the Today show. If the bash was set for NYC, we could all get up real early one morning and get in the front line of the outside crowd of the Today Show and possibly get on national TV with genuine LCSC banners (not hotel towel banners :roll:, though if we needed to add a few because our group is so large...) and raise awareness for our cause!

What do you guys think?

Oh and if my Dad is still status quo, I bet I could get him to go!

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I need an excuse to bring me back to NY to see my family and friends.

But I still don't understand where the Southern Californians are. Just whining b/c I want more friends here! How cool for me if Nat, Andrea B, Denise, Bunny, Steph, etc, lived local. THe retail therapy we could do together!!! I think the Californians are too busy working on their tans and eating cookies and spitting them out so they don't get fat (Ryan Seacrest said on his radio show that is what he does :) )

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although I am not on here much anymore, perhaps I can still have a half vote?

would love it in NY--but hotels are very expensive in the city--but they are cheaper in Long Island, and it is just a short train ride away to the city for sightseeing, etc.

I could also help organize and I would love to meet everyone in person

best to everyone,

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I vote for New York City! I love the idea of the Today Show. There's also ABC News, CBS News, all in my neighborhood. I also know someone who works for Fox Network. Maybe she can send a cameraman for us.

I also loved the idea of traveling to Nashville or Texas, since I've never been there. I just don't think I can afford the travel right now. But I hate to think of not meeting you all in person.

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The most number of those voted is for NASHVILLE so far. This would be ok, by me-if we have organizers.

Tina is checking into some things, but she will need some time and alot of help.

We have so many people who are voting for NYC as well. Depending on volunteers and commitment from people, hopefully we will make a decision soon.

PM me if you are willing to volunteer, set up, or organize this. I am not in NYC or Nashville so I can be of little help there, but will do whatever I can.

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WOW...NYC,yes, count me in too!

FOX, Today Show, Central Park, Hilary Clinton's recent interest in LC could all work for us. Although hotels are pricey, possibly some of the smaller colleges have rooms to rent -NYU is probably not an option since NYU rents rooms out to kids doing summer internships.

Ginny, Gail and Heather...miss you guys, road trip up from Phila???


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