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"Eh, what's up doc?" (Bugs Bunny)


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Hi All--Well after 39 months of chemo I hit the mother load. Just heard from my doctor a little while ago about my CT Scan from Wednesday. She says all are gone except for two very very tiny ones that are barely visible, not worth even worrying about them. Adrenal Glands and everything else looks good. She is calling it excellent remission and sounds good to me! Will stay on Tarceva and see her in June. Also Platelet's (ITP) are also back to normal and looking good. God likes me for sure. Everyone take care and have a nice weekend. Rich


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That's fabulous, fantastic, super news. So glad to hear it. Now as you know, I'm a bit of a "platelet expert". Just wondering what your count is at -- at least 150, I assume and hopefully, Higher.

Enjoy, celebrate -- go out to dinner tonight -- that's always my favorite celebration.

gail p-m

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WOW Rich!!!!! It's not only God whol likes you, ya know! What a great post!!!!! I know that 'spirits are always good', BUT I am going out on a limb here..................would you now say that 'spirits are EXCELLENT'???????????

Love and big time congrats,


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This Really made my day and Congrats on such Great news. It makes everything worthwhile to hear such great news from suck a great person as yourself.

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