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My friend needs your prayers


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Some of you who have read my posts know I took over my boyfriends forum (Living With Cancer) when he passed away. My co-host, Rick has a wife who is dealing with cancer. He just wrote to me today telling me that Patty was not getting better and in fact had taken a turn for the worse, he says she has given up and he is running out of fuel as well. Please keep this family in your prayers that they have the strength they need for this part of their journey. And if indeed it is Patty's time to go, that Rick will find the inner strength he will need to go on and raise their teenager alone. My heart goes out to him as he and his wife have such a special love. The kind that only comes along once in a lifetime... and only then if you are lucky.

Thank you.


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Melanie Sending Prayers for Rick and His family from the Carolinas. What happens, Happens for a reason. DEb and I discussed the possibilities before she passed and even though we do not have Kids we came to the understanding that if she got the chance to pass over to the other side she would take it and I understood what she meant. Her Religion helped her conquer her fear of dying, Mine gives me the strenght to continue her fight for now and go on. Am saying prays for Rick and His Family, and sending positive vibes for support. I know how hard this is for them.

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