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WoW!!!! the human slug!!!


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everything's lookin' up....

my ins plan will pay fat girls money to get bon-bons (if you talk to the right ins girl)..got my ride thing taken care of anyway!!!!

..everything looks like that eaton-lambert(eating lambert) thing to me....but you know how you cant judge youre own condition...

it did start w/my very 1st pci treatment (numbness and nausea)....the radiologist gave me decadron and i was fine..(thats what they treat elms w/)...never could get off the dec even when i went into remissiom....couldnt figure out why... i'd get really nauseated everytime i'd try......hmmmmm

Don....i prbly "averaged" 3mg/day for the last 1.5 yrs???? (is that a lot? .....or too long?)....i addressed that w/my onc and gp they didnt seen to worry about it....dont even want to do a bone density test...?????? who knows??????


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you know dave was the kinda guy that could look "pretty classy" in women's clothes!!!!! i think

it was just "his noble bearing"...he could get by w/that (especially w/pumps)..hehehe...it'd be too big of an act to follow!!!!

you dont wanna see me like that....since i've been on the decadron...i am in awe of how much food i can ingest and how ENORMOUS my belly is getting (i havent gained that much "weight")....but i am becoming ...."spherical"....the worst thing....i dont really care..... s

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I think you got me back on the board again.

yeah, the decadron really made dave a big ball of dave, too. he was already very "portly" but he ate like crazy on the decadron and also he got a bad case of what he called "bus head" - very bloated neck, in fact, he ended up not having a neck . . . and yes, I think the dosage of decadron you took for the amount of time you took it is ALOT and I'm willing to put a bet that caused your problem, not the chemo. it's too bad the cure can be almost as lethal as the disease, but it's worth it, I mean, LIVING, Dave always said he didn't care what the chemo or anything else did to him - he would go in and tell the onco doc to sock it to him, give him more. sounds like you did, too. good for you.

If I find the dress he wore, I'm going to pester you privately for your address so I can mail it to you, I'm sure it would fit. the pumps and wig were borrowed so I can't send those unfortunately. and you know he did it as a fundraiser for this board, took pledges to dress in drag, can't remember how much he raised. I will tell you it was rather confusing to our then three year old. THAT was hilarious. this is bringing back a good memory, I remember laughing so hard holding the camera I could barely take the picture. mostly because Dave was so dead set serious about the whole thing, like he was "in character" and that just sent me over the edge with laughter.

hang in there, glad you got some official help, love your descriptive prose, although I had to read the part about the fat ladies and the bonbons a few times to really get it!


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