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I need opinions regarding lung cancer in elementary school

Lisa O

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I cannot begin to tell you how much the support of this board means to me right now. I have been in such a bad state over this -- I really needed to know if I was over-reacting due to Leah's insecurities.

I AM going to do something about this matter. I am going to use these replies to gather the strength and support that only those who have been there can offer. This darn disease can be so isolating - I don't know what we would do without a place to post to eachother in times like this.

From the bottom of my heart, please accept my love and thanks.


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Lisa, what a smart and brave daughter you have! She sounds wonderful.

D.A.R.E. does use scare tactics, and unfortunately these have the very effects that your daughter and you are feeling. Even worse, though, is that this approach is NOT effective in deterring kids from taking risks. Some research has even shown a negative effect of D.A.R.E. in terms of drug/alcohol abuse. This is thought to be attributable to the way we all cope (on occasion) with threats: "It won't happen to me." Adults tend to eventually realize they are not immune and children do not, breeding a sense of invulnerability. Adolescent boys are especially at risk from this type of tactic; they often compete to do riskier things than their friends, while girls do not.

At one time in my career, I taught injury prevention to adolescents, which is where I learned about this.

Ending my rant here (finally :)) , I would like to say good luck to you in your efforts and best wishes for the future to you and your courageous daughter.

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I've been thinking about this all day . . .

There is no excuse at all for the teacher or the principal. We educate children, but we also must protect them. Lisa, you would not be the first parent to go to the superintendent. Do that before going to the school board.

I was happy to hear the officer apologize. He won't make that mistake again. He has been educated.

I sat through a DARE program with my class. I was sitting next to the 10 year old whose mother was in prison for killing her best friend while driving drunk. She chose to attend. That was hard to watch her.

Don't give up on public schools yet folks--we do a lot of good!!!



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Lisa ~

I cannot add much to the sound advice already given here. I simply want to lend my support. And say HOORAY FOR LEAH!!! What a brave, and INTELLIGENT young lady, to state the facts so clearly in the face of her distress - SHE educated many that day, I'm sure...the officer being one of them!

I believe D.A.R.E. should focus on smoking prevention, as well as prevention of other substance abuse, and leave the medical stats to the professionals. Did they go into survival stats of emphysema, COPD, heart disease, or other smoking related illnesses, as well? Probably not.... :roll:

I think channeling your anger/energy into ACTION is perfectly acceptable - And yet another example of what being a "stand-up" individual is all about. Leah has clearly been paying attention! :wink:

Carry on, brave warrior! GO GET 'EM!

P.S. Those night terrors? I call 'em "screamers" and have had them off and on for some time. Cindi is right. They're usually just the mind's way of saying "overload". When I have them alot, I try to jot my impressions down upon "waking"/startling, whatever... Then you can try to talk it out when she's awake, and ready. They'll probably subside soon, on their own when she has worked thru it all....poor baby... :(

Praying for better days!

~ Stacey

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Sorry you had to put up with morons. The DARE officer was decent about it when you spoke to him, and your little girl was very brave.

I don't know what would have happened to my younger child, she's 10 now and for some reason they've discontinued DARE.. but my older daughter, in fifth grade, was so upset she was in tears telling a sympathetic teacher that her mother smoked and thus was a DRUG ADDICT. The teacher shushed her and told her she didn't want to ruin my reputation, did she? That was a year or two before I was diagnosed...

By all means take the letter to the top.

Even MDs have ethics: First do no harm.

School teachers should certainly be aware of trying to do no harm. Geesh.

My nickel's worth.



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