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Just watched a special on Warren Zevon (Mesothelioma)

Gina D.

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I don't know how many of you folks in here are "music" people. I am. I work in the industry and it is the biggest motivator and joy of my life. Hard to explain. Music folks know of what I speak tho.

Zevon was DXed with mesothelioma in Aug. of 2002 and given 3 mos. to live. He made liars out of them and is still here, tho getting sicker every day.

He opted to forgo treatment so he could focus all his energy on putting out one last album. He is finished with the recording and will now do treatments.

All this time, he has kept his humour, (his biggest trademark) and drive to create. I hope if I am given his news, that I can have 1/2 the humour he has kept, and procede with music as my # 1 priority.

This is a true proffesional. Any other artists/music folks in here? How does your DX effect your outlet?

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Hey, my Dave is a musician - for 13 years he was a full time professional trumpet player until the binds of matrimony killed his career (ha, that's what his friends all like to think, anyway). Musicians in this part of the world just don't make any money.

In the last year or two Dave's playing has been mostly in our church, which he loves, as it's mostly classical in nature and he loves playing and listening to classical music, not to mention the actual praise that is involved. He was supposed to play in our Easter Cantata when he was diagnosed. I think hearing the radiologist tell him he could not play the trumpet until he was well was more devastating than the diagnoses itself. He is determined to get well, get healed, and blow that trumpet some more. I will say that he is a damn good musician and the will to play has given him alot of fight (along with the will to live and be a parent, another life long dream of us both!).

That being said, we both like music of all kinds - and I've recently heard about Zevon's fight and really admire him, so my plan is to go out and buy that CD as soon as I get the chance, 'cause darn it all that type of determination needs to be rewarded with good sales!

Thanks for the heads up on the special, I think I'll get Faith in bed on time tomorrow so we won't miss that.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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> Musicians in this part of the world just don't make any money.

LOL, don't feel bad, they rarely do anywhere! Don't get me started on the musician jokes!

Dave will toot his horn again, and I understand his motivation to get back to it. I hope he can soon. It will be GOOD for his breathing, an excercise that I sure couldn't do. That's from lack of talent tho, not lung capacity!

The new CD gets released tomorrow, and I will be at the store to get it too. I hope the proceeds from it go to whatever our "guest" wishes them to, and may there be plenty of them as well!

And BTW, my surgeon didn't get the "will I be able to play the piano?" joke. I must be getting old..cause that joke sure is!

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Ok, watched this and it was absolutely wonderful. There wasn't a dry eye in the living room when he sang "Keep Me in Your Heart."

You forgot to mention Ry Cooder was on! As you might guess from my member name, I'm a fan of his.

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I ALMOST forgot - at 7:40 I remembered and got Faith a bath, in her pj's and tucked into bed by 8:05!

We sat and watched the whole thing without saying a word. I must say the program was alot less "fluffy" than I expected - very moving and he did share alot about his disease.

My initial reaction was one of sadness for his life to be ending but also uplifting that he choose to live his last year or so of his life under his own conditions. But this morning I woke up and thought: if the docs gave him three months and without treatment he's now up to a year - maybe he should have pursued treatment aggressively from the get-go - and maybe proved them wrong?

The only answer to that, if you ask me, is that you can never regret the path you take with cancer - if you do, you'll drive yourself crazy. It's impossible to know the right answers with cancer until it's over with, and even then, you must know it is God's will.

Thanks for telling us about this show, Gina, it was very moving, and made me feel like we are less alone in this ordeal.


Karen C.

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Yes, the lack of fluff was eerie, but also appreciated.

Rememebr what he said as he was outside leaning agianst the pole trying to hide his ciggy. "I think it's a sin to not want to live". He does... but has accepted the inevitable with grace and class and most of all..as you said, on his own terms.

BTW..I love what he said to the reporter when it was obvious the smoking thing was being questioned. I wish I had that many Cojones'. I must admit, I'd probably do the same thing. I haven't smoked in MONTHS. He quit YEARS ago.

Let me check with our A&R guy at work today. We are constantly doing promotional things and charity events with VH1. I may be able to get a copy of the show. I should have taped it, but it never crossed my mind (Doh!) and if I get copies I can distribute to folks here that would like to see it.

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Hey, Gina, yeah, I thought it was great when he said he thought it was a sin to not want to live.

I think the whole reason the whole show was so touching was his grace in dealing with the situation and his love of life.

And, like you, I forgot to tape it, double-duh, but I was in a hurry getting the bambino in bed. Sooo, if you do get a copy of it, I'd love one, and am willing to pay the costs as well. Well worth it.

Take care,

Karen C.

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