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Lookin' for Your Love Update 3/29


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I don't come here all that often.............BUT need some help! My 39 year old niece (never smoker ~ BTW) is scheduled for a bronchoscopy AND biopsy this week to determine just what the 2cm mass in her RML actually is. She has been coughing since December and got the runaround from her PCP to the tune of 3 ~~ yes 3 ~~ chest x-rays and 2 rounds of antibiotics before she was finally pressured by my niece for a CT scan. It is a long story, BUT please keep Tracy in your prayers. Any good vibes, wishes, hopes, etc. will also be accepted. She has 3 kids ages 4 - 12 and is scared out of her wits! She is a very special young lady and I will not accept anything less than benign here..................know what I mean?

Thanks to ALL of you who ALWAYS get it done!



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