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It's test time again. God I hate test time, it never gets any easier.

Keith is getting a CT Scan tomorrow and we will get the results Thursday April 6th. Waiting over a week is just simply cruel, but what can we do?

We could use lots of prayers for good results this time. Keith hasn't been feeling very positive about this chemo because it is one he's already tried unsuccessfully before. He feels like he is feeling sick for something he already knows didn't cause any shrinkage last time. Plus lately he is so exhausted more so than he has ever been before. For the first time ever he's been talking about his not being able to continue to take chemo and work full time anymore and doesn't know how we will do it with and what other options we have.

He has terrible stomach pains, his right arm is incredibly weak and numb with tingling prickling pain. He has sharp pain in his neck from the enlarged lymph node there. He also has recently developed a dry cough, not persistant but every so often through the day. He says he just feels like crap all the time now. I just hate seeing him struggle. I can't bear the thought of him in pain. And the worst thing of all I hate seeing him suffer emotionally.

I want him to feel some hope again. I want him to have his soul rejuvenated. I want to see that spark again of drive and determination when I look in his eyes instead of just seeing exhaustion.

So I ask, please pray that tomorrows scans see less cancer this time. I ask for prayers that he get a miraculous result. He needs his magic bullet, and he really needs it now. I don't know how much more disappointment he can take before he feels that chemo and treatment are no longer worth the pain. But I know his heart fully 110% wants to live. He wants to beat this, it is just getting so much harder than he has ever faced in the past 3 years.

Thank you all.


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My prayers are diff. going up!! It is so hard when the tx wears you out, but your brain wants to keep on fighting. I pray for good scan results and also that Keith can gain his stength once more. I also pray for you, as the caregiver. It can also be so overwhelming for us. Please take care of yourself!

Hugs and Prayers


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Dear Carleen,

My hope is that Keith is feeling weak and weary because the tx is working so WELL this time and that the scans will be better than they have been. At least that will be my prayer for the two of you tonight. You know that for some time...........since PM's...........Fred and I have held you both close to our hearts and in our prayers as well. May God smile on you both this week.



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Carleen, your Keith is one he** of a guy. It is amazing that he has continued to work full time through all these different treatments. I agree with Kasey, that Keith feels so crappy because the chemo is doing its job. I can't believe they are going to make you wait that long when others can get the results the next day. I'd pester the doc.

But I will be sending you good thoughts and strong prayers.

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I pray that you and Keith receive good scan results that will help him re-ignite the fire within to keep fighting. To read how hard Keith has fought for three years and continues to work full time is simply amazing. Take care,


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