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I found this today and had to share


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Hope. Simple and pure. It is the sole word that has enabled many journeys to continue. Our journey as a family has taken an unwanted life-ending detour. Our hope, however, has not vanished.

Our hope has merely changed. Instead of thinking in terms of a saved life, we think in terms of life continuing. Life without a husband, father, grandfather and friend has not taken our hope away. There is still life where there is hope. The hope now is that we can remember that we shared the beauty of life with our loved one. The hope is that another life may be saved. Now, the hope is that we will continue to see the beauty in life and its challenges. Hope. Simple and pure.

It is with great clarity that I realize that the greatest gift that can be given is hope. Hope can be seen by some as encouraging another to put their head in the sand. Hope should not be seen as encouraging ignorance or denial. It should, in contrast, be viewed as a brief respite to the hideous reality of statistics. It should be understood that hope allows us to see the faces that have proven these statistics wrong. It allows up to keep fighting this arduous and painful battle. Hope allows us to walk through the door into a future. Hope. Simple and pure.

It has to be made known and declared that hope is the purest form of medicine. Hope is a medicine that can be used to treat the patient, not as a diagnosis, but as a complete person. It has to be understood that hope is a true friend of life. Hope IS the purest form of medicine.

Simple and pure.

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