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How long do I have?


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How long Do I Have?

Does not apply to me. I have never asked that question about me.

I have as long as I want and as long as I need.

I have 2 boys to raise and a beautiful wife who likes to nag at me.

No one can tell me how long I have that's up to me!

How long do I have?

-I have til the cows come home.

-til pigs fly

-til hell freezes over

I have as long as I say I have! I have the strength to overcome that which threatens me!

I have the strength to overcome the thing we all fear. It can't beat me!

Lenny Retske

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Cancer is So Limited!

It cannot cripple LOVE!

It cannot shatter HOPE!

It cannot corrode FAITH!

It cannot destroy CONFIDENCE!

It cannot kill FRIENDSHIP!

It cannot shut out MEMORIES!

It cannot silence COURAGE!

It cannot invade the SOUL!

It cannot destroy PEACE!

It cannot quench the SPIRIT!

It cannot lessen the POWER OF THE RESURRECTION!!


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