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Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers.

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I just found out my Dad is being admitted into the hospitol again. His blood pressure is vextremely low again as well as dehydration, weakness etc.......

Just please pray....

Thankyou for all of your support and caring. Im so glad I found you.

A special thankyou to HollyAnn for all of your supportive pms and thoughts.

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Again, many thanks and big hugs to you all.

Well, the news isn't good, Dads kidneys are failing him. Ive been at hospitol all night and will return shortly. He's been seen by our family priest etc....He said he wants to fight this...I pray for a miracle.

Will let you all know whats up when I return home.

Much love

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Today is the fifth day since dad was admitted in the hospitol. Im hoping to find out more new today. Last night was my first night home. To make a long story short...kidneys as of last night were working a little.His potassium levels were way high every day except yesterday, they were too low(go figure)I cant believe what a fighter my father is, were all amazed he's still going and very sharp in the head still.Things are turning around a bit, although the doctors say they are still terrible, its not as grave as Monday and Tuesady!

The best news is that when they did his chest xray, the tumor wasn't detected. Hes had 16 treatments of radiation and one day of chemo, is it possible????

Anyways, I continue to hope for more good days for my dad.

I hope you are all doing well and I thank you again for your concern.

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