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Just happened to come across this site, and boy wa it my lucky day!! Have seen other sites, but felt embarressed to moan and complain, when so many others are experiencing more problems than I am. Twoo years ago 8/12/01, I had a rt, upper lobectomy for adenocarcinoma. No chemo or radiation. Still have somthing in my left lung they are watching, too small and hasn't changed, Dr said he hasn't had a case as early as mine in a long time. It was found on a routine chest xray for something else.I have all those feelings mentioned in the living with lung cancer section.Guilt,right now fear about my Cat scan results tomorrow. hopefully from time to time I can talk to you all and maybe help some one too. Thank you for listening

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Hi welcome and you came to the right place---I had upper right lobectomy in June of 2000---and so far all is good

I know scans are worrisome-----hopefully you get great results----

you will find most people that were caught early, were caught by accident as mine was from an x-ray for chronic colds---nothing I would normally go for nor what the Dr. would usually send someone for---however, with my history of smoking, he thought I should go ---and I actually did---was not caught on the x-ray, just a thickening of the pleura---showed up on a cat though---got a needle biopsy and then the operation

there are many great people on here, full of suppot and hope

regards Eileen

nscl lobectomy 6/00

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Hi Pattiq6,

This is a great site for support and information. Sounds like your situation was similar to mine. We might not have control over what is going on in our bodies but we do have control over what goes on in our minds. I looked at my situation as an assignment God gave me. I need to do everything I can to stay positive. The alternative is one that I'm not ready to accept. I tell people that everything is fine unless noted otherwise on my doctors chart. Maybe that sounds too simple but until you actually see the scan report there is nothing you can do about it except be positive.

I hope this helps. Remember our hope is in the Lord.


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Hey Pattiq6!

Our stories and Docs comments are very similar. My docs all said they rarely see this caught this early in anyone. Thats a good thing for us, no doubt. I am guessing we are about the same age? Mid 40s?

No reason to feel guilty, and whining is acceptexd at any stage. We that have had surgery have gone through the same physical discomforts and junk associated with surgery, despite nodule size or staging. They still gotta get in there..it's the same way for everyone!

Understandably, those that do chemo and rad go through a lot more and it is more difficult to recover from the cutting, but don't downplay what you have gone through. This is literally an autopsy you wake up from. It is a terrible thing to go through.

We ALL get nervous at scan time (My ct is coming up in the next couple weeks, my first after surgery..boy..I am a wreck!) We all live with the fear of this re-occurring or getting worse. Heck, I had surgery for cervical cancer 20+ years ago, and I STILL have the growlies in my stomach at every PAP. I know that I am cured of that one, but hey..it still gives me a twinge! Doesn't make logical sense, but it is that way.

Staging doesn't matter, and when you had surgery doesn't matter either. Your life, as you know, will never be the same. No reason to be embarrassed about it tho! It's just part of YOUR life. Enjoy your life! It's just you!

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Hi Patty6,

I also welcome you to the board. I am an early stager as well (1B) and I don't care if you whine. This is tough, no matter what stage and size of tumor. I am 47 years old, and while I see a lot of people who are survivors on this board that are a lot younger than me, but I still think I am too young to go thru this.....

I also whine because I was just through all this with breast cancer two years ago, again stage 1--had surgery and radiation, but no chemo.

This time, I am going thru chemo because I want that extra insurance that may keep me on the right side of the survival rates, and so far my chemo (cisplatin/gemzar on week 1, gemzar only on week 2 and 3 and off a week for 3-4 cycles) is not too bad.

Like Gina, I get nervous every time my mammogram comes up, and I also have a chest x-ray coming in late October that is already on my mind.

Welcome to the group--I have learned so much from these good people.

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