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Hi all,

It has been a while since i have visited the board and as usual I am looking for info :oops:

Has anybody had experience with the drug taxotere as a second line chemo treatment and if so what sort of side effects (if any) did you suffer?

My mum is due to start this regime tomorrow.

Thanx for any advise you might be able to give

Jenny :)

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Hi Jenny

I've been taking Taxotere (both weekly and 3-week cycles) since October and have had great results with it. I don't experience any of the peripheral neuropathy I had with Taxol, nor do I have any of the swelling I had with Taxol. I'm losing some hair with Taxotere, but I haven't lost it all like I did with Taxol. All in all, I find Taxotere pretty easy to tolerate. Hope your mother has good results with it.


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I was on taxotere&carboplatin weekly for8weeks,not much side effects,now i get just taxotere every3weeks.

lost my hair this time,some diahrea,swollen calves and very achy after the dexamethasone wears off.also had very low white counts so i get a neulasta shot 24 hrs after chemo.had that today.

prayers to you and your Mom.

treatments are tolerable,and we need to do it to fight the monster inside us


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Taxotere gave my husband horrible body aches and he had these ridges in his nails. He found drinking lots of water before, during, and after treatment helped with the body aches. Unfortunately it didn't do much to his cancer and he was switched to gemzar.

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My husband had taxotere as I think something like his 7th line chemo. The only side effects he experienced were fatigue, fatigue, and more fatigue. He did have some mild nausea for the first two days following treatment, but was fine after that. He did not lose any hair, in fact it grew during that time.

I pray that this second line chemo works wonderfully well for your mom, with just as few inconveniences and side effects.

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My dad had taxotere as a single drug for second (or third) line treatment and has had stable disease ever since (and that was over 2 years ago). He has advanced lung cancer (see below) and the taxotere has bought him LOTS of extra time. He had mild symptoms and I beleive needed blood once or twice. It did cause his plueral effusions to increase in size, but it was manageable. Good luck to you guys!

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Awww none of it is any good! But, somehow it is tolerable.

All of it makes ya sick to some degree. The ones that say it doesn't, I swear they're lyin'!

I had rad and Taxol and then Taxotere for 3 or 4 big infusions about 3 weeks apart. Knocked the wind out of my sails and set me horizontal on the couch. Just stared into space to wait it out.

She'll get through it somehow. It is nice when it is done. Lots of water is a good idea. Get some Biotene mouthwash and toothpaste. It is neutral ph , no alcohol, and helps with keeping mouth and gums calm.

Best of luck for success with this for your Mum.

Cindi o'h

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Husband started Taxotere/Gemzar last Sept. A lot harder on his system than the Taxol/Carboplatin regimen. Counts went in the dumpster after third treatment, fatigue is very bad, (but he is into his 10th cycle of this regimen), mouth sores, ridges, black nails, and severe edema at treatment nine. Hair was coming back, but disapeared again. Best bet for mouth sores is vitamin B-50 (miracle type results), Biotene & nystatin oral suspension. Also B-6, up to 600 mg. per day, for neuropathy (fortunately not an issue for hubby, maybe because he started B-6 regimen from the beginning.)Our staff also recommends massaging neosporin or something similar around cuticle areas of both hands and feet and a coat of clear polish. My husband didn't go that route, so can't say whether it would help in the long term or not. I always remember that my friend says each of us are our own individual chemical factories -- so one can never say for certain what side effects anyone will have.

Good luck to your Mom.


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