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Attn: Western WA members


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I am following-up on some advice that Joanie gave me in the caregiver forum here -- I could really use some recommendations of oncologists and cancer treatment centers in Western WA that folks have had good experiences with (naturally). Input on who to avoid is also welcome. I am attempting to get ready if mom would ever agree to an alternative....

Is OK to just PM/e-mail me with responses -- I really don't want to turn this into a public good/bad thing, but I really need some help on this. I am floundering in my own searches so far.

Thanks in advance,


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My husband was treated at Swedish Cancer Institue by Dr. Howard West. When he was diagnosed I called Allcase and they referred me to Dr. West saying he was the best oncologist in Western Washington. I know that Seattle would be a long drive, but maybe you could start there and he could refer you to someone in Olympia. Good luck and I hope the best for you and your mom.


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I just returned after being away and read your post. I hope that I can help.

First I will tell you to call the Cancer Wellness and Treatment Center in Seattle. They are a clinic of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I have had some very good reports about them. I had an appointment with them for my Johnny but we never made it there.

You want to know what or who to avoid. Please go to the My Story Forum and read my post Love Hope and Heatache. I think when you do you will know who and what to avoid. If you have any questions please PM me. I have been waiting for over 3 years for someone in your area who I could possibly help. I think you are the one and if I can help you it will go a long way toward helping myself as well. God Bless you on your journey. Please keep in touch. Lillian

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Linda: I just returned from a consultation with Dr West. I was very impressed by him and the rest of the staff at Swedish. I am going to take their recommendations and apply it to Western Washington Oncology and continue my treatment in Olympia/Aberdeen. It would be much more feasible for you and your mom to go to Swedish on a regular basis than me.

You might be able to talk your mom in to going there just to get a second opinion on the treatment plan. Maybe she would like it there and decide to switch.

Fred Hutchinson has a national reputation, but I went to Swedish because they are the only facility in the region that has cyberknife.

It is kind of expensive to park there.

Don M

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Fred Hutchinson specializes in bone cancers, leukemias, etc., it does not treat lung cancer in and of itself. However, it is part of a multi-discipline consortium called the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance that includes U of W, Children's, and Fred's, and lung cancer is treated there, mainly through U of W specialists, I believe. Below is the web address for SCCA:


I haven't utilized any help on the west side, but will go there for 2nd opinion if the cancer returns. I, too, have heard good things about Dr. West.

Best of luck.

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