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After hearing Stacey's news about the hike, I could hardly contain myself.

What if....

We had a first ever lung cancer event everywhere and in every state. We could really get the word out.

If you made a difference with one person, you made a difference.

I am so thrilled to see all of these things coming together. The bashes, events and comraderie with our group!!! This is truly awesome. I am having a difficult time selecting where to go and what to do.



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Interesting that you mention this.... 8)

My daughter attended an event at a laser tag facility which offers fundraising ops. They ARE nationwide, 'tho not in EVERY state. I was thinking how fun it would be, for those in the applicable states, to host a "Tag-A-Thon" (details available on the site, below) Like a walk-a-thon, pledges are made on a "per point" basis. Players gather pledges, play on the designated date, and take their scorecard to collect pledges. They also offer special "nights" for organizations (much like Pizza Night at some schools...) where proceeds are donated to said organization.

So...Calling all TEACHERS :roll::wink: , Parents, Kids who have experienced LC through a parent/grandparent/relative, or who just want to get active in a really cool way... The site is: http://www.laserquest.com/pages/groups/LQ_Groups4.html They have a number of different fundraising options available, and claim a quick $1000, or more can be made per event...

I'm going to "road test" this idea in the coming weeks at our location, and some in Cali where I have family. But, I agree...wouldn't it be cool if we had a nationwide event, or simply one or two of these "little ones" for LCSC each month?

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