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Results from WBR and not good, need prayers


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The results are not good. The radiation only reduced some but lots more are there and there is still swelling. The doctor says the cancer is all over the brain. He gave Mike 3 to 6 months and says it could be sooner. He will be on 3 steroids for the rest of his life and they will only work for so long and then he can up them to 4 a day.

I was so hopeful and feel crushed and scared. Mike says "finally, someone is telling me what I already knew."

He is not in any pain and thankful for that. He hasn't had a pet scan so we don't know where else besides the lung it has spread to.

I felt like the doctor thinks it can be any time.

Keep us in your prayers.


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Lindy I am so sorry to hear this devastating news. I know how much it hurts when you go into an appointment with a hopeful heart and the onc is forced to deflate your bubble.

I also want to throw out there that my husband has had over 12 brain mets for OVER the past 15 months. Hopefully what is there can be kept stable and this does not mean a quick end.

I will pray very very hard for your husband.

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Ginny, The doctors say it won't help at this point to take chemo.

Karen, Mike takes 4mg steroids three times a day and will for now on.

No options available except to keep him comfortable and in no pain. He has no pain at this time. The doctor said if he does have pain he can do radiation on that spot to take the pain away and that is a blessing to know.

He also said he had hoped the whole head radiation would have done more but there seems to be more then 12 tumors now and swelling around all of them. The largest one is 3 cm on the left side. And several more are now on the right side.

He seems ok to have all this mess in his head but doctor says he'll have good days and bad until he gets where he will sleep more and more and will probably go in his sleep. I pray if he has to go, he has no pain and will go in his sleep.

Thank you so much for your good wishes and prayers.

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The hardest part is the Edema(swelling) creates so much pressure in the head. I had swelling to, but not the extent of what Mike is going through. I was only taking 1-2mg of Decadron Daily. The Decadron really helps. Just weaned off about a week ago...

In my prayers for a miracle and total healing for Mike...


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