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update on Debs Dad


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Well, I went with Dad to the oncologist on Friday. We didn't get to see Dr.G, he was on vacation...but Dr.L saw us. He said that Dads last bone scan and MRI showed activity of the disease in the bone. In the (L-I think) clavical, a couple of ribs and on the spine-but he stressed that the one on the spine is not in a "bad position".

I forget what his exact words were, but what he basically said was that he was worried that they would find mets to the spine that would be in a bad position-a place that could cause lots of damage-the worst of which was paralysis.

He also said that since Dads back is feeling so much better (last Tues, when he went for the scans) Dad couldn't stand for more than 10-15 SECONDS!! He was in excruciating pain, and that worried the doctors alot (and us, too). But the weird thing is, that after the bone scan, Dads back "felt great"...Dad said that he felt great, he had NO PAIN whatsoever. I think that lying on the hard table must have worked out a kink-whether the kink was caused by bone mets or not, who knows. Very strange.

The doctor went on to say that the bone mets "won't kill you", but they can cause alot of pain or bone breakage-so he added Zomita (sp?) in with Dads chemo (navabaline)-the Zomita will be given once every 4 weeks-and is to make Dads bones stronger-"to help avoid pain or breakage, and to give the chemo a chance to work". The doctor also said that he dosn't think Dad has had enough treatments of the Navabaline-he wants to give it another 8 sessions. I want to talk with Dr. G to confirm everything. I know that after Dads tests, when his back was not hurting, Mom called the onc. office and the nurse was ELAITED, she said that since the pain went completly away, she didn't believe there were any mets to that area of the spine/or shoulder blade. You see, Dad has a very bad back (I've mentioned before that his spine is shaped like a question mark), and that he had an old injury-probably a break that he never knew about, on one of his shoulder blades, Dad believes it was from playing baseball as a kid, he remembered injuring it during a game once, he was a good pitcher, but threw too hard for his age and injured himself.

Dr.G is more familiar with Dads history, and Dr.L was reading through comparing the new scans to the last ones, while we sat there. The scan report was never written in comparison with Dads last scans-as it should have been.. In my opinion, this leaves room for error on the Dr's part, if he is unfamiliar with Daddys history....although, I guess it could just be wishful thinking on my part. Also, I wonder if the procedure to drain his lungs made his back hurt more, as it was done on the same side as his pain was in. Who knows.

Also, during the visit, I was surprised when Dad asked the doctor, rather non chalantly, "So, let me know doc...what do you think? How much time do I have? You can tell me, I'm not stupid..." The doctor just said, "I have no Idea where we'll be in six months...you've beaten the odds considerably. Which is great, it shows that you have a very slowly progressing form of disease. We just don't know. It can't be cured, but we can sure slow it down. Thats what we plan to do."

Now, I wasn't crazy about his telling dad about how he has been beating the odds, because I figured he would take it like I would...Great, I've lived six month longer than they thought-so that means less time is left...But, thank God, Dad is more optomistic than I am...he was very pleased to hear that he is beating the statistics. And, after the visit, guess what, his once again waning apetite, was once again restored!

Dad was upset that his appetite had gone a bit awry again, but said he thought it would come back...I told him that for that couple of weeks with the back pain as excruciating as it was-who'd want to eat?

Anyway, thats my lengthly post to keep you guys apprised. Dad is looking forward to visiting his brother in a few weeks-so the reunion is on again.. I'm going to try to push it up a week, though. Don't want to be caught looking a gift horse (Dads feeling good) in the mouth, and get bit.

As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Havn't been around much. My five year old starts full time kindergarden on the 3rd :shock: (I am a nervous wreck about that-as well as Dad. Insomnia is setting in), and my almost 3 year old starts pre-school 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours :oops: .

Take care, Guys. Deb

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Thanks for the post on your dad. Glad to hear that he is feeling better, his appetite has returned, his optimism has increased, and the reunion is a "go". Keep the faith and give those kids some extra hugs. Here's one for the nervous mommy (((((((((DEB)))))))).

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