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Brain Pet results


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Hi All,

Just got the results of my brain Pet scan. The area suspected as necrosis is just that - but unfortunately there is another small met. They have scheduled stereotactic surgery for 4/13. I'm really bummed, but I remind myself that it could be a lot worse.

They'll do an MRI the day before just to be certain, but he feels confident that the diagnosis is correct. I just hope this isn't something I need to do every so many months (I had it originally in July).


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Big Hugs for you Mary ((((HUGS))))

I know how disappointing it is going into these appointments full of hope and not hearing exactly what you were hoping for. But, the fact the the stereostatic Radiosurgery worked last time on your mets if very promising, and I pray that it knocks this new little bugger into outer space.

Lift your heart and voice to heaven, and God shall show you through this.

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