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Guest FlyLadyFan

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Guest FlyLadyFan

Hello. I lurked around a bit today and read some of this site. Very, very supportive. Everyone is soooo nice.

My mil was dx in Aug 05 with advanced SCLC with major mets to liver - doc only expect her to make it a couple weeks, tried chemo as palliative and it had a DRAMATIC effect immediately. Basically she's all clear in the abdomen and lungs now -- but her post-chemo brain CT shows numerous lesions, 3mm to 9mm.

She lives alone about an hour away from us. I'm worred about her being alone now with possibly having seizures (though given preventive meds) and WBR side effects. She'd be resistant to staying with us though. BTW, she's 60 yo and semi-active.

Comments and suggestions?

Thank you all, FLF

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Hello FLF,

Sorry you need us, but glad you found us. I was happy to hear

your MIL had a great response to treatment in the beginning, that is

encouraging. As for the brain mets you will read in my husbands profile

that he had a large tumor near his brain stem. Alan had WBR back in July and so

far the only side effects are some sort term memory loss and hearing issues in

one ear. In addition Alan had 15 IMRT treatments to the tumor itself. The

tumor is no longer visable on 2 subsequent MRIs. It is important to know others have not

had the same positive results with WBR and you need to get other opinions.

Prayers to you and your family

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I would think if she's handling chemo ok and hasn't had a seizure yet, she'd be ok alone and just being checked on. If she starts to get knocked down from the chemo you might want to help with the household stuff. Hopefully her seizure meds will keep her seizure free. Welcome to the site.


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Welcome FLF,

I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. But it's wonderful and amazing that she had such a great response to the chemo. Hopefully the brain mets will react the same way to the WBR.

My husband had WBR in Oct. 2004, and other than a lot of exhaustion he really didn't suffer any side effects of it. And so far, all his brain mets appear to have remained stable since then relatively.

It is good that she is relatively young, active and somewhat healthy and strong. It will make it easier for her to fight this aggressively.

I will keep her in my prayers


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You may want to look into a medical alert system for her for emergencies. This was recommended by this board for my late wife when she completely lost her voice and I was working Part time. She was home alone for a while during the day and could not talk on the phone in case she needed 911 assistance. Other thought is an assistant for an hour or 2 every day just to check in in theevent she needs smething done around the house. Some days you just don't wantto cook or go shopping or do much of anything. Also don't listen to survival times. None can tell you when death will occur. we have members that were diagnosed over 10 years ago and are stilll helping us today. Thanks CONNIE B. Hope this helps some, welcome aboard and if you need anything just ask. We will do the best we can do to help out. Saying prayers.

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Guest FlyLadyFan

Wow. What an encouraging response in such a short period of time. And thanks for the great ideas.

The medic alert "necklace" is a great idea we could do right away. She's pretty good about using her cordless phone, but it could be across the room ...

The visiting nurse/aid is a great idea too. We should look into it.

Thanks folks. I look forward to fellowshiping with you.


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welcome to this site. It is encouraging that your mother in law responded so well to treatment. I have read that sclc responds well to chemo. Now all she has to do is treat the brain mets. She should go to a maor cancer center where they have some form of targeted beam raidiaton and see if she can treat the mets individually first. I think cyberknife is the most accurate.


Don M

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I am really excited that you mom responded so well to her aggressive chemo. That really is encouraging. You also got lot good ideas here from our group.

By the way welcome here and glad you came out from lurking. I wish more people would do that so that way we can give support and advice.

Do not listen to statistics as the only one who know that is the one above. There have been so many here who had the same statistics and are stable and doing well and has beaten the odds.

Keep a positive attitude and see her as much as possible. If you can't be there physically, just be sure to check on her a couple times a day.

Faith has moved many a mountain.

Maryanne :wink:

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