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Thank You Katie

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Dear Katie,

I don't know if you did it intentionally or not, but I really appreciate the fact that the caregivers forum is nestled in at the top and not lost somewhere down at the bottom of a page.....

I know this probably seems trivial to many.... but to me it is symbolic.... symbolic of how I have felt for the last 16 months since losing my husband.....

It has been my experience with many local support systems that once the patient is gone, the family is encouraged to deal with the "grieving" process.... but I think there is much more to it.... I think that there is a "survivor" aspect that many experts and programs have not explored.

The term "survivor" is often used in referring to patients that are deemed as "NED or No Evidence of Disease" (may God bless them).

However, sometimes people will say that HE had the cancer and now HE & the CANCER are both gone .... I always think when I hear that term..." where does that leave me" ..... afterall, technically I consider that my son and I are "survivors".

The fact is that cancer is far more than a physical illness/debilitation.... it is a psychological mountain to climb, one which you never truly overcome.....

As a caregiver, wife, best friend.... I have ALWAYS referred to when WE were diagnosed, when WE had tests done...... and although the the cancer ravaged Ahmed's body.... it ravaged too my soul, & rerouted my son's entire path to the future.....

in many ways... I feel as though the cancer is still with us.... maybe not inside us physically but hanging over us like a shadow...lurking...

I have come to realize that the cancer didn't really go away ..... unfortunately it will be with us our entire lives....

In some sad way.... we too are lung cancer "survivors"....

Perhaps it is simply WORD PLAY but considering the fiasco I experienced this week with fellow nurses and their lack of compassion, I sincerely want to thank you Katie for not allowing family/support/caregivers..... & "survivors" to be lost somewhere in lung cancer cyberspace ....


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wow...I think I missed this post.

No need to thank me. I understand where you are coming from. When Rick and I started LCSC - I was a caregiver- looking for support. Caregivers and patients learn from each other here, we support each other and hold each other up.

That's what makes everyone here so special.

Thank YOU!


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