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My Jim is gone


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My wonderful Jim lost his battle on March 24 after 3 days in the ICU. He struggled to breathe even on the bi-pap mask and they finally removed it and put him on a standard oxygen mask to make him more comfortable. He fought the battle to the very end. The nursing staff was incredibly supportive and caring and kept him comfortable so that the end was peaceful and he was surrounded by his family holding his hands and telling him how much we loved him. We know he could hear us. We watched as the monitors showed each of his vital signs going down, and his heatbeat was the last. When it finally reached zero we all embraced, sobbing by his bedside... suddenly a minute later my son looked up and said "he's back" and sure enough the little heartbeat was back... and continued for another two minutes or so. We know it was his way of telling us that his heart was still with us, and it always will be. I have appreciated the support of this group throughout our battle and was better able to advocate for his treatment. Thank you for your support! Sandy

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Please know that my heart and prayers are with you and your family right now Sandy.

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your dear Jim.

I too think Jim knew your heartbreak and took that last chance to tell you not to grieve too much for he would always be linked heartbeat to heartbeat with you. Your love binds you forever.

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Oh Sandy, I am so saddened by your news. I know how much of a fighter he was.

Keep those beautiful memories alive in your heart and know who much he loved you and will never be far from your heart.

My deepest of sympathies goes out to you and that beautiful family of yours.


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