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ER caution and vocal cord paralysis warning


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Jim was admitted to the hospital through the ER on 3/20 with pneumonia, dehydration and respiratory distress (probably brought on by anxiety when they decided to transport him by ambulance). We had been forewarned that most emergency crew will want to intubate and were faced with the decision of whether to allow it. They wanted to do it immediately in the ER telling us he "needed it" but we had been told that the chances of an advanced LC patient ever being able to come off a vent was slim, so we said NO! We knew he would not be able to talk to us on a vent and we wanted to allow him as much dignity as possible, as well as hope in case the pneumonia could be treated. We know we made the right decision because he was with us, communicating, for another 3 days. The pneumonia was evidently caused by aspirating fluid or particles. This was the result of his vocal cord paralysis, which created a "space" where partiles could go the "wrong way"-- not uncommon, but we had never been warned of this possibility. I know others on this board have similar conditions so I wanted to let them know! Sandy

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Thanks for the info. wheen Deb wentinto Resp distress and was transported all they gave her wwas O2 and she already had paralysis of VCords. No pneumonia. Oh Well Doesn't matter any more but thanks for Info. Condolences and prayers

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Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

I did have paralysis of my vocal cord and had tons of choking problems. My doctor feared I would inhale something and then get pnemonia in my remaining lung, so I had an implant surgery in my cord to stop the problem.

Thank goodness important information like this can be shared with others.


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